Odyssey Outline (Thesis #1)

Odyssey Outline (Thesis #1)

Sarah, Rob, Allison, Bobby

  1. Introduction
    1. Thesis- The intimate relationship between the mortals and immortals in Mycenaean civilization exposes to the reader the unique theological ideals of the culture.
  2. In Homer’s Odyssey, Athena represents the strong familial ties that the Greek society values so highly by mentoring and assisting Telemakhos and Odysseus on each of their adventures.
    1. “But my own heart is broken for Odysseus, the master mind of war, so long a castaway upon an island in the running sea” Book I:67-69
    2. “With this Athena left him as a bird rustles upward, off and gone.” Book I: 367-369
    3. “The son is rare who measures with his father, and one in a thousand is a better man” Book II: 292-293
    4. “But Athena poured a sea fog around him as he went-her love’s expedient” Book VII: 17-19
    5. “A cheerful man does best in every enterprise-even a stranger.” Book VII: 54-55
    6. “Supposing, then, she looks upon you kindly, the chances that you shall see your friends under your roof, in your father’s country.” Book VII: 79-81
  3. One of the main pillars of Greek faith and religion consists of the idea and action of sacrifice.  The extremely elaborate sacrifices performed are committed in order to gain the favor of god or goddess, asking, for example, safe passage or victory in battle.  Sacrifices mark one of the many methods mortals and immortals interact in Homer’s Greek world.
    1. “…the gods detained me, tied me down to Egypt-for I had been too scant in hecatombs…” Book IV: 378-379
    2. “O hear me, lord of the stream: how sorely I depend upon your mercy!” Book V: 467-468
    3. “Hear me, unwearied child of royal Zeus!  O listen to me now-thou so aloof while the Earthshaker wrecked and battered me.  May I find love and mercy among these people.” Book VI: 343-346
  4. In the land of the Phaiákians, Skhería Island, the people are descended from the gods and have an idyllic country.  This strange country reflects how important and ubiquitous religion is in Greek society, and how much influence it has over the people of the known world.
    1. “Fruit never failed upon these trees…from one clear fountain, while another gushed through a pipe under the courtyard entrance to serve the house and all who came for water.” Book VII: 124-140
    2. “..until now, they have shown themselves in glory only after great hecatombs-those figures banqueting at our side, throned like ourselves.” Book VII: 216-218
    3. “ I say that if it should please our father Zeus, Athena, and Apollo…” Book VII: 333-334
  5. Conclusion
    1. The clear and constant interaction between mortals and immortals in Homer’s Odyssey highlights the strong emphasis in family and sacrifice, which has helped shape Greek civilization.

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