Some Odyssey Resources

From time to time, I’ll be posting some links to outside resources on this blog.  Hopefully, you’ll find them interesting!  Here’s some Odyssey related stuff:

The Perseus Project (
Leading digital library on the Greco-Roman world.  Contains fully searchable versions of ancient texts as well as photos of archaeological findings.

Introduction to Archaeological Studies at the University of Texas (
Great website with a ton of images of Graeco-Roman materials, and some contextual information.  Also some very good maps.  Most of the images I used in my slide show during the second day of class came from here.

The Odyssey at Google Littrips (
Two Google Earth plugins that attempt to map the voyage of Odysseus onto actual Mediterranean geography.  Somewhat dubious, but a lot of fun!

Oral Poetry Performance by Halil Bagoric (
If you couldn’t get enough of the audio clip I played in class, here’s a complete recording of a Bosnian epic, with extensive liner notes.

If you know of any other resources related to Homer that you think the rest of the class might enjoy, send me a link!  And please remember that the comment function remains open, both on this post and on the last blog entry!

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