Thesis #1 Intro

By: Sarah, Allison, Rob, and Bobby

Homer’s Odyssey introduces its reader to more than just a classic story recounted through the ages; through the written words of the ancient storytellers, readers are exposed to the values and tenets of Mycenean culture. Strong familial ties and prevalent religious devotion form the backbone of this ancient society. The intimate relationship between the mortals and immortals in Mycenaean civilization exposes to the reader the unique theological ideals of the culture. These ideals are lived out through the interactions between the gods and mortals. The gods mentioned in The Odyssey foster and encourage ancestral relationships through their mentorship of Greek families.  In payment for these services, the immortals of Mount Olympus demand sacrifice, loyalty and respect. This respect perpetuates a cycle, bringing gods and mortals closer, uniting them all as a family. The quintessential example of this cycle is found on Skheria, an idyllic isle where the boundaries between god and man are blurred.

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