First Essay Drafts Have Been Returned

Copies of your first essay drafts with my comments on them went out by email a few minutes ago. I apologize for the delay in getting these back to you; I got a little swamped with my other class and then had to prepare for the German Department excursion to Chicago this evening.  Hopefully nobody had their Friday night planned around essay revisions!  But yes, I’m aware it’s somewhat comical for me to to get these back late just a day after delivering a stern lecture about the importance of keeping deadlines…

Your revised essays will be due on Sunday, October 10, by 5 pm.  Please send them to me by email as .doc, .docx, or .rtf attachments.  Meanwhile, I invite all of you to come see me if you want additional help with the revisions.  This week, I’ll hold office hours from 2-3 pm on Tuesday and from 10:30-12:00 on Wednesday.  During that time, you can just stop by my office at 302 Decio without an appointment.  I’ll also gladly meet with you at some other time, but I suggest you email me first to make sure that I’m available.  And please remember that I will leave town for a conference on Thursday morning.  I’ll be gone through Sunday and will only answer email with some delay.

If you can’t meet with me, the tutors in the Writing Center will be more than willing to help you as well.  You can find out more by clicking on the appropriate link in the sidebar.


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