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A Captivating Adventure

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In the captivity narratives folder of the blog there are five blog posts. Between these five posts there are 18 comments. When you combine all of this text it is the equivalent of 18 typed pages.

These 18 pages contain truly original content – ideas we created because we thought they were worth discussing. So what better way to conclude this chapter in the Known World than to revisit these ideas we deemed so important and see if there is one theme that will unite them.

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PTSD from Remote Locations

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To follow up on what we discussed in class about the possibility of PTSD from remote locations –

Thesis #6 Intro

EJ, Vivien, Quinn, Connor

The Pursuit of Fatherhood

Throughout history many children have coped with the absence of a father. These children have felt the despair of a broken childhood, the immediate consequences of not having a father, and the hope that they will one day fill the empty void they have experienced their whole lives. Homer puts on display in his epic poem the troubles that fatherless children go through, and many of these same predicaments haunt children in our world today. The Odyssey opens by focusing on Odysseus’ son Telemakhos, revealing the emotional effects of his father’s absenteeism, effects common to both ancient Greek and common society.