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The Sound of Home

Posted by Michael

I found the soundtrack from Heimat available on iTunes. I know we’ve all commented on how the music is getting stuck in our heads, is anyone bold enough to stick it on their iPod?


Back to the Future

Posted by Michael [play this on repeat as you read this post]

Robert Zemeckis’ epic trilogy taught us to importance of recognizing the consequences of our actions and our ability to shape our own future. (If you haven’t seen all three Back to the Future movies, come talk to me so we can plan a movie night) Edgar Reitz’s Heimat includes similar thematic subjects. Linked to the obvious thematic subjects of home and homeland discussed last week, there is also a clear portrayal of the importance of both past and future. The question to each character becomes: which is more important?

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Temple of Elemental Homer, or Gygax’s Odyssey

Posted by Michael

*This a just-for-fun topic to keep things light-hearted as we finish off the Odyssey.*

For those of you who don’t recognize the references in the title, a quick explanation is in order. This post will assert that the story of the Odyssey was simply made up by some random bard as something to entertain folks in an effort to convince them to give him free food, but it is in fact an account of one of the first role-playing games played in human history. By this I mean that a group of Greeks (ha ha, check out that hidden pun) got together and played an epic fantasy role-playing game with a heavy story telling focus and liked the story so much they shared it. And when the tale got to Homer he wrote it down.

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