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The Dispersion of the Simon Family

Posted by Connor.

Remember the opening scene of the Heimat mini-series? After the introduction in English with the photo albums, the camera’s attention turned to Paul and was focused on Paul as he returned to his hometown of Schabbach, Germany. After the First World War, the Simon family had finally been reunited. Their beloved soldier Paul was back from the war. Yet it did not seem to be such a joyous occasion. Everyone in the family went about their daily chores. Mathias didn’t really acknowledge Paul as Paul jumped into to help him mend a piece of metal. Wouldn’t you think he’d have been excited/proud that his son had returned home? Eduard went on reading the newspaper with everyone in the room, talking of all the different political events going on in the world. Paul did not seem to care at all that he was home and was blocking everyone out as he dreamed of his comrade who had passed in the war. I know I did not get the sense that this was a very cohesive family unit. Perhaps Reitz was foreshadowing what was to become of the Simon family, a family left in pieces. Did anyone see this coming? Continue reading