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New vs. Old: The Battle for Schabbach

By Bobby

As we move into Episodes 3 and 4, Reitz begins to focus more on the changing lives of the individual families in the small village of Schabbach rather than the outside world.  Also, as we discussed in class, the outside world, such as the radio and telephone, is increasingly pressing on the village.  Not only is technology invading the Hunsruck, but people are moving in such as Lucie and Otto.  Lucie, I believe, is an extremely important character and needs to be looked at more in depth.

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Odyssey Outline (Thesis #1)

Odyssey Outline (Thesis #1)

Sarah, Rob, Allison, Bobby

  1. Introduction
    1. Thesis- The intimate relationship between the mortals and immortals in Mycenaean civilization exposes to the reader the unique theological ideals of the culture. Continue reading