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Outline (Thesis #6)

Vivien, EJ, Quinn, Connor

Although named for Odysseus, The Odyssey opens by focusing on his son, Telemakhos, revealing the emotional effects of his father’s absenteeism, effects common to both Ancient Greek and current society.

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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

By Vivien

Xenia is the Greek term for the concept of guest hospitality.  It literally means “guest-friendship,” and is an important notion in The Odyssey.  Guests and hosts alike expect mutual respect and an adherence to the rituals.  This form of society is still prevalent in some nations and cultures; but it is a pity most of the trust and honor has been lost with time.  The suitors are in obvious violation of this ritual as they gorge themselves on Odysseus’ food, drink, and home. There is an unspoken understanding between Nestor and Telemakhos in Book III, and Telemakhos and Menelaos in Book IV, as each shows reverence for the wealth and guest-status of the other.  The guest-host interactions flow through the many stories of The Odyssey, and illustrate an indirect reverence for the gods and for fellow man. Continue reading