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Outline (Thesis #9)

Thesis: The repeated use of epithets in Homer’s “Odyssey” serve to both highlight important character traits and ground mythological creatures in the mortal world.

Body #1

  1. The epithets of the main characters, Telemakhos and Odysseus, introduce personalities that will appear throughout the epic.
    1. “clear-headed Telemakhos” (II, 137)
      1. Telemakhos visits Menelaos and rejects his invitation (IV, 635)
    2. “the stategist Odysseus” (V, 223)
      1. Odysseus flatters Kalypso (V, 224)
    3. “that kingly man, Odysseus” (VI, 231)
    4. Odysseus does not have a single epithet, but rather many. Both father and son share similar logical personality traits as indicated through their epithets. Continue reading

Odyssey Outline (Thesis 10)

I.                   Introduction

A.                Both Odysseus and Menelaos went to battle in Troy

1.                  Odysseus was thrown about the Mediterranean ever since

2.                  Menelaos made it back from the war, but he never truly felt at home

B.                 Thesis

1.                  The grieving of Odysseus’ and Menelaos’ hearts in Homer’s “Odyssey” cannot be alleviated by luxury and riches alone.

2.                  [Odysseus and Menelaos’ private sorrows in Homer’s “Odyssey” suggest that luxury alone cannot maintain happiness.] Original Thesis

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Thesis to Outline

Here are the four theses statements for which you are supposed to create outlines.  Keep in mind that your outline should be for a 4-5 page double-spaced essay, i.e. one that comprises about 1,500 words.  Pay attention to all the things we discussed in class, especially our discussion of “dynamic” papers (those in which one idea leads naturally to the next) versus “static” ones (the three body-paragraph model).  Don’t forget to list the quotations you are going to use!  And feel free to modify the theses to suit your needs, as long as the original idea stays intact.  You will need to post your outlines by midnight on Monday.  I will provide instructions on how to do this over the weekend.

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