Schedule of Classes

8/24               Introduction to the Class

8/26               Homer, Odyssey, Books 1-2

8/30               Homer, Odyssey, Books 4-6

9/2                  Homer, Odyssey, Books 7-8

9/7                  Homer, Odyssey, Books 9-11           Blog Post:  Vivien

9/9                  Homer, Odyssey, Books 12-13

9/14                Homer, Odyssey, Books 14-16        Blog Post:  Samantha

9/16                Homer, Odyssey, Books 17-18

9/21                Homer, Odyssey, Books 19-21        Blog Post:  Sarah

9/23                Homer, Odyssey, Books 22-23 (Book 24 in class)

Rough draft of first paper due

9/28                Marco Polo, Travels, Pr0+Ch 1     Blog Post:  Felicia

9/30                Marco Polo, Travels, Ch. 2

10/5                Marco Polo, Travels, Ch. 3+Ep.     Blog Post:  Claire

10/7                Introduction to research at Hesburgh

Final version of first paper due*

10/12              “Did Marco Polo Visit China?”        Blog Post:  Rob

10/14              Mary Rowlandson, “A True History” Blog Post:  Adam

[Fall Break]

10/26              Mary Jemison, “A Narrative” or Sarah Wakefield, “Six Weeks in the Sioux Tepees” (both in Captivity Narratives) Blog Post:  Allison,  Blog Post:  Quinn

10/ 28             Mukherjee, Holder of the World Blog Post:  Christina

11/1                Screening of Heimat, Part I, from 8-10 pm in De Bartolo 117**

11/2                Reitz, Heimat, Part I discussion

11/4                Mukherjee, Holder of the World Blog Post:  Kristi

11/8                Screening of Heimat, Part II , from 8-10 pm in De Bartolo 117

11/9                Reitz, Heimat II discussion              Blog Post:  Michael

11/11              No class.  Use this time for collaborative project.

11/15               Screening of Heimat, Part III and IV from 8-10 pm in De Bartolo 117

11/16             Reitz, Heimat, Parts III and IV discussion     Blog Post:  Bobby
First partial draft of online companion for Marco Polo due.

11/18             Captivity Narratives Conclusion     Blog Post: EJ

11/22               Screening of Heimat, Parts V and VI, from 8-10 pm in De Bartolo 117
Rough drafts of final paper due.

11/23              Reitz, Heimat, Parts V and VI discussion      Blog Post:  Connor

[Thanksgiving Break]

11/30              In-class peer review sessions

12/2                Screening and discussion of Heimat, Part VI

12/6                 Screening of Heimat, Part VIII, from 8-10 pm in De Bartolo 117
Final version of final paper due.***

12/7                Reitz, Heimat, Part VIII
Complete draft of interactive reading guide to Marco Polo due

12/9                Concluding discussion
Quiz on Heimat

Final version of interactive reading guide to Marco Polo due Thursday, Dec. 16.

* Updated 9/14: deadline for final version of first paper moved up one week.

** Updated 9/26: screening dates for Heimat added.  All screenings will take place on Mondays from 8-10 pm.  Location TBA.

*** Updated 10/13: revised due dates for final paper.  Added specific deadlines for Marco Polo project.

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